May 19, 2017

Technology and Business Innovation Forum

Cyber security in the digital enterprise

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Proliferations of assets that are connected and embedded with intelligence through IOT (Internet of Things) in manufacturing floors and service platforms make our corporations, hospitals and government organizations vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Breaches into personal data of customers or employees and financial information of businesses have resulted in replacement of top leadership and bankruptcy filings by firms.  Pervasive digitization of business and the emergence of cloud computing aided by ubiquitous connectivity calls for a strategic approach to Cybersecurity within organizations.  Traditional security approach that ring fences and protects a central data or information source does not work in protecting the ecosystem of connected devices that support businesses today.  Organizations need to be both proactive and reactive in sensing and protecting from a cyber-attack at a device level. In this forum, speakers from our member organizations, technology vendors and other guests will highlight major Cybersecurity challenges faced today and will share some of their best practices and lessons in Cybersecurity.

J. Alex Halderman, Professor of Computer Science & Engineering, University of Michigan; Director, University of Michigan Center for Computer Security and Society

Sol Bermann, J.D., Interim Chief Information Security Officer, University of Michigan

Matt DeVost, Cyber Defense Lead, Accenture Security; CEO, FusionX

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