Fall 2017

Date time location speaker & topic
Sep 8 10:30-12:00 R1230

Mark Egan, HBS

The Cross Section of Bank Value

Sep 15 10:30-12:00 R1230

Will Gornall, UBC

Squaring Venture Capital Valuations with Reality

Sep 22 10:30-12:00 R1230

Nadya Malenko, Boston College

Proxy Advisory Firms: The Economics of Selling Information to Voters

Sep 29 10:30-12:00 R1230

Matteo Crosignani, FRB

The Effect of Central Bank Liquidity Injections on Bank Credit Supply

Oct 6 10:30-12:00 R1230

Ravi Bansal, Duke

Is The Term Structure of Equity Risk Premia Upward Sloping?

Oct 13 10:30-12:00 R1230

Arvind Krishnamurthy, Stanford

How Credit Cycles across a Financial Crisis

Oct 20 10:30-12:00 R1230

Barney Hartman-Glaser, UCLA

Capital Share Dynamics when Firms Insure Workers

Oct 27 10:30-12:00 R1230

Joao Gomes, Wharton

Cyclical Dispersion in Expected Defaults

Nov 3 10:30-12:00 R1230

Jay Shanken, Emory

Comparing Asset Pricing Models

Nov 7 5:30-7:00 B0570

Simcha Barkai, LBS

Declining Labor and Capital Shares

Nov 17 10:30-12:00 R1230

Nicolae Garleanu, Berkeley

Finance in a Time of Disruptive Growth

Dec 1 10:30-12:00 R1230

Marco Pagano, University of Naples

Career Risk and Market Discipline in Asset Management

Dec 8 10:30-12:00 R1230

Juhani Linnainmaa, USC

Long-Term Discount Rates Do Not Vary Across Firms

Dec 15 10:30-12:00 R1240

Asaf Manela, WUSTL



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Seminars are Fridays from 10:30-12:00 unless otherwise indicated. If you would like to be added to the email distribution list, please contact Shelly Whitmer at sjmoore@umich.edu.

These seminars are sponsored by the Mitsui Life Financial Research Center.