Inspired leadership. Strategic innovation. Creative risk-taking. A boundaryless approach to problem solving. An unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

These are the qualities that have defined the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business for nearly a century. The results are evident in the school’s trailblazing achievements and its reputation as one of the world’s leading public business schools. Ross was the first to make action-based learning an integral part of the curriculum— placing our students in global settings to tackle real projects and real problems with real executives.

We led the way in general management education, turning out agile business professionals able to tackle unstructured problems and think in complex ways.

We encouraged our faculty to take on bold new research ventures such as the Base of the Pyramid and Positive Organizations.

We forged hands-on experiences in venture capital investing with the Wolverine Fund.

We launched 20 dual- degree programs in disciplines from law and medicine to engineering and public policy.



Today, large corporations wield more power and control more resources than many nations and governments. At the same time, the big problems confronting society are more complex, more urgent, and potentially more threatening than ever before.

The implications are clear: Our world’s most pressing challenges will be solved only if business assumes a central role in generating the solutions. And that will require a new kind of business leader — a leader with the skills to create value for shareholders, employees, and society.

Developing these next-generation leaders who can make a positive difference in the world is an immense challenge. And it is the challenge Ross has set for itself.

Following in the school’s long tradition of bold leadership and fearless innovation, and calling on our vast reserve of knowledge and experience, we will redefine business education for a new era. And we will do it with the help of an extraordinary community that shares our commitment to both excellence in business and service to the wider world.


I don’t just give because it makes me feel good. I give because I like knowing that my gift will have an impact. For me, giving back is more than writing a check. I can see the effect my donations have on others, on the future of business education and, really, on the future of our country.

— Susan Meyer, BBA/MAcc '89