At Ross, you'll be welcomed into an inclusive community, and benefit from a community rich in intercultural experiences and cross-cultural exchange.

We believe that to succeed in business, you must not only build strong relationships founded in intercultural understanding, but experience it. And part of that experience comes with interacting with students from across the globe, which is why we’re proud to welcome international students to Ross.

Ross graduate and undergraduate business degree programs draw students from all over the world, with approximately 32 percent of our full-time MBA students and nearly 11 percent of our BBA students being international. Additionally, every year we typically welcome 70-100 exchange students from dozens of different countries. And after graduation, with more than 45,000 alumni in 88 countries around the world, you are virtually guaranteed to connect with a Rosser wherever your career path may take you.

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Organizations & Resources

The Ross Office of Diversity and Inclusion is here to help students of many different populations—including but not limited to people of color, veterans, LGBT individuals, students with disabilities, students with different religions, and women—in every aspect of their education and to continue to build and foster a dynamic, inclusive culture.

Student Life

At Ross, you may participate in a broad array of student-run clubs and organizations with a focus on business disciplines and other interests from a global perspective. From groups like the Asian American Business Association to the European Business Club, international student groups provide an excellent platform for networking and job search assistance. In addition, the clubs are a great resource to assist you in transitioning to life in the United States.

Career Resources

International students face unique challenges during their career search. Our Office of Career Services (OCS) has created specific educational materials to address these needs, from educating employers about the process of hiring non-U.S. citizens to developing rich contacts with recruiters interested in hiring international students. OCS also offers meetings, workshops, and specific courses to discuss international career search issues and working in new environments. International students are able to secure Curricular Practical Training (CPT) visas for their summer work experience.

English for Business Studies

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers a variety of courses for non-native speakers of English enrolled at the University of Michigan. The courses are designed to enable you to enhance your linguistic and communicative skills in order to become more effective, fully participating members of the academic community both during your time on campus and beyond. The fall and winter semester curriculum is composed of more than 30 one-credit and two-credit courses, including advanced electives and discipline-specific courses. In addition, the ELI offers a number of special instructional programs in the spring and summer, including English for Business Studies and English for Academic Purposes. These courses are particularly beneficial to incoming international students who wish to strengthen their communication skills prior to beginning classes in the fall.

For further information, send email correspondence to or call ELI at (734) 764-2413.

The International Center

U-M’s International Center provides ongoing information, support, and assistance across a wide variety of issues: visa and immigration questions; employment; taxation; health insurance; cross-cultural issues; and other practical concerns important to the successful program completion and quality of life for international students. In addition to ongoing support, each fall the International Center sponsors a series of Orientation Workshops for new students.