Consulting is one of the most popular career options for MBA students, and Michigan Ross has an impressive track record of placing graduates at the most prestigious firms in the industry.

Our experience-driven approach to learning helps you develop the critical-thinking skills required for success in a consulting career. Most important, our MAP program immerses you in an intensive, seven-week engagement that brings you hands-on experience and allows you to demonstrate success during consulting interviews.

You will get the exposure you need to consulting firms through the Consulting Club and consulting firm activities on campus, including presentations and workshops, coffee chats, and office hours. Specialized support from the Career Development Office will help you prepare for interviews and land a great job.  

Employment Data for Consulting

Sample hiring companies include: accenture, Bain & Co. McKinsey & Co., Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group and PwC

2016 Ross MBA Consulting Jobs - By Function

36.1% of Ross grads went into various types of Consulting roles:






Ross Alums Tell You How They Got Their Jobs In Consulting


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2016 Detailed Compensation Information

  Base Salary Signing Bonus Other Guaranteed Compensation
Function Median Mean Range % of reported Median % of reported Median
Consulting $140,000 $134,069 $48,106-$160,000 94.3% $25,000 60.0% $21,000
Strategy Consulting $145,000 $137,579 $48,106-$150,000 94.6% $25,000 62.4% $22,025
General Consulting $135,000 $129,125 $93,000-$160,000 87.5% $25,000 37.5% $21,000
IT/Systems & Human Capital Consulting $135,000 $137,000 $135,000-$140,000 100.0% $25,000 20.0% $26,000
Internal Consulting $110,000 $110,820 $90,823-$125,000 100.0% $20,000 72.7% $10,500
Operations/Process Consulting $135,000 $127,000 $110,000-$145,000 80.0% $25,000 20.0% $8,000

Consulting Co-Curricular Activities 

Consulting Club at Ross

The Consulting Club at Ross helps its members hone their network skills, excel at case and fit interviews and explore consulting as a career path post-MBA.

Community Consulting Club

The CCC provides students the opportunity to have a tangible impact on the local non-profit community through consulting engagements that promote action-based learning.

Recent MAP Challenges in Consulting

MAP allows you to "dip your toe" into particular industries and functions during your time at Ross to help you figure out if this is the career path you want to pursue. It’s a great way to gain experience, stretch yourself, and explore something different. Take a look at some past MAP projects in this career path for an idea of what you can experience at Ross.

Miami, Florida

Craft a business plan to increase overall fleet profitability.

Florham Park, NJ

Identify opportunities for the Jets to attain meaningful sponsorship revenue growth.

Helsinki, Finland

Design and apply a financial risk rating strategy to a new type of multi-asset investment fund.

Consulting Students

Elizabeth Padilla

As a first generation college student coming from an immigrant family, I have learned the great value of higher education and the immense impact it can have on one's life. This learning motivated me...

Huan-Wen Lu

I have a strong passion for business, which constantly encourages me to explore the world. As a business reporter in the past 5 years, I have interviewed hundreds of C-levels across Asia and covered...

Jessie Mark

Prior to Ross, I worked for five years in media investment in New York City. Supervising teams as my agency tripled in size piqued my interest in learning more about designing and managing large...