Whether you're interested in brand management, corporate marketing, or an entrepreneurial venture, Michigan Ross is a great fit.

We are the first business school in the country to offer students full access to Nielsen's Answers on Demand core platform and point-of-sale data, the gold standard used by marketing professionals around the world. Our student-led Marketing Symposium is one of the largest in the U.S., bringing leading companies to our campus. Through our innovative curriculum, MAP, and the Marketing Club, you will learn all the skills necessary to propel your career in marketing. Ross alumni hold marketing positions everywhere from global CPG firms to entrepreneurial startups.

Employment Data for Marketing

amazon, Proctor & Gamble, PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, Metronic, Google logos

2016 Ross MBA Marketing Jobs - By Function

18.3% of Ross grads went into various types of Marketing roles:



1.8% SALES


Ross Alums Tell You How They Got Their Jobs In Marketing


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  Base Salary Signing Bonus Other Guaranteed Compensation
Function Median Mean Range % of reported Median % of reported Median
Marketing $106,000 $109,086 $70,000-$140,000 87.1% $25,000 53.2% $10,000
Brand/Product Managment $105,000 $115,880 $102,000-$140,000 72.7% $25,250 42.4% $11,000
General Marketing $105,000 $103,500 $85,000-$115,000 89.5% $25,000 52.6% $9,000
Sales $108,500 $106,417 $70,000-$135,000 83.3% $35,000 100.0% $43,500
Other Marketing $103,500 $105,500 $100,000-$115,000 100.0% $33,750 50.0% $6,850

Marketing Co-Curricular Activities

Michigan Marketing Club (MMC) - MBA

With unrivaled access to recruiters, extensive training, hands on learning with Marketing Lab, and Symposium, the largest marketing conference in the U.S., the Michigan Marketing Club (MMC)  is for all things marketing.

Marketing Lab

The Ross Marketing Lab offers unique tools and special events for MBAs, including access to real-world Nielsen data and the Tracx social media tool.

Marketing Symposium

The annual Marketing Symposium is a forum that brings together marketing professionals, students, and faculty to discuss the latest trends and innovations in marketing. The student-led event features prominent keynote speakers, educational panels, interactive breakout sessions, a case competition and a career fair. 

Recent MAP Challenges in Marketing

MAP allows you to "dip your toe" into particular industries and functions during your time at Ross to help you figure out if this is the career path you want to pursue. It’s a great way to gain experience, stretch yourself, and explore something different. Take a look at some past MAP projects in this career path for an idea of what you can experience at Ross.

Chicago, IL and New York City, NY

The challenge Clinique presented to its MAP team was how to communicate the value and benefits of its products to the millennial generation in an increasingly fragmented and competitive landscape...

White Plains, NY and Portland, OR or Los Angeles, CA

Design a comprehensive innovation-based growth plan for SoBe that refines its brand positioning and articulates a new marketing strategy.

Lima Peru; Puerto Maldonado, Peru and Cusco, Peru

Prepare online marketing and sales strategy for the launch of a new product.

Marketing Students

Thais Hernandez

My early career took me to Brazil to teach English on a Fulbright Program fellowship. While living there, I realized that many American CPG products sit on foreign shelves, which gives CPG companies...

David Ellis

After obtaining my bachelors degree in 2009, my first job was in the infamous mailroom of a Hollywood talent agency called International Creative Management (ICM). After ICM, I helped launch Sunny...