Master of Management graduates work in a wide array of jobs. Explore some of the most common MM career paths and learn how to tailor the curriculum for success in your chosen field.  


Consultants provide counsel and advice to corporations, government, and nonprofit organizations on topics ranging from operations to human resources to information technology. As such, consultants can enter the field from diverse backgrounds and majors.

Electives are intended to increase your awareness of consulting practices and enhance your ability to assess and analyze problems, develop and offer strategic solutions, and understand how to effectively apply these skills within consulting firms.

Areas of Consulting  

  • Advisory Consulting

  • IT/Systems Consulting

  • Management Consulting

  • Operations/Process Consulting

  • Strategy Consulting

Recommended Electives

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New businesses add jobs to the economy and are often responsible for the commercialization of radical new technologies that transform the way we live. This requires entrepreneurs to be both effective leaders and familiar with advanced technology.

Recommended Electives


If you're interested in the finance and banking sector, it is important to gain a solid understanding of how money moves through an economy. Learning how firms, organizations, and individuals manage and invest funds within markets will give you a great foundation in finance. 

Areas of Finance

  • Corporate Finance
  • Asset Management

Corporate Finance

Corporate finance professionals work on the financial needs of their firm, including cost analysis, internal audits, and business development.

Recommended Electives

Asset Management

These professionals work with institutions or individual clients by providing financial advice and service to maximize their investment potential.

Recommended Electives

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General Management

If you are considering working as an new manager or starting your career in a management training program, you should have a basic understanding of the functional areas of business, including accounting, finance, human resources, operations, and marketing. In addition, you will benefit from coursework in management, law, ethics, communication, organizational behavior, change management, and retention.

Recommended Electives

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The business of healthcare is a growing and important sector of the economy. Students interested in combining a career in business with a career in healthcare will find Ross provides the fundamentals you need to thrive in this dynamic industry.  MM students have been offered healthcare jobs in functions including consulting, strategy, and operations, among others.

Recommended Electives

TO 411 Decision Support with Excel (3 credits)

TO 415 Corporate Investment Decisions (3 credits)

FIN 428 FinTech Innovations (3 credits)

MKT 418 Marketing Analytics (3 credits)

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Marketing & Sales

Marketers develop strategies for the promotion, development, pricing, and distribution of a firm’s product or service. Marketing involves everything from analyzing a potential market or customer base to building a brand. The sales profession allows you to be measured as an individual contributor. Sales professionals make decisions that maximize productivity, and top performers have the potential for high compensation.

Areas of Marketing and Sales  

  • Advertising/PR

  • Brand/Product Management

  • Buying/Merchandising

  • General Marketing

  • Research/Consumer Insights

  • Sales


Advertising and PR professionals effectively communicate the value of products, services, and organizations to consumers.

Recommended Electives

Research/Consumer Insights

Professional market researchers gain an understanding of targeted markets, trends, and clients by analyzing data and information, then incorporating this understanding into a marketing strategy.

Recommended Electives

Brand/Product Management

Brand and product managers translate customer demand into product development and create effective marketing and communications plans to maximize product profits for their firms.

Recommended Electives


  • MKT 401 Marketing Management II

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The nonprofit sector and case-based organizations benefit from managers with a business education. After graduation, many students pursue careers in education, health advocacy, environmental protection, community development, and more. Knowledge of business principles and skills will enhance your ability to serve and manage organizations in these fields.

Recommended Electives

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Operations ensures that an organization runs as smoothly as possible. Professionals in these fields manage projects ranging from the streamlining of distribution channels and communication streams to integrating customer needs with company goals to managing day-to-day operations.

Areas of Operations

  • Operations Management
  • Logistics
  • Purchasing/Procurement
  • Customer Service
  • Forecasting/Planning

Recommended Electives

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Technology companies seek out business school graduates to manage rapid change and make smart decisions in ambiguous scenarios. Ross gives you skills to excel at major tech companies in a variety of roles, including business development, brand specialist, and technical analyst.

Recommended Electives

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