MSCM Students gather and converse

A distinctive feature of the Michigan Ross MSCM experience is our commitment to providing you action-based learning.

In the MSCM program, you’ll put the depth and breadth of your classroom learning into real-world action during the Supply Chain Consulting Studio, when you complete a corporate project with a small group of students and a professor. The course, which includes on-site data collection and presentations in a corporate environment, complements your studies so that you gain both a theoretical and practical understanding of the most up-to-date strategies in a diverse array of topics, such as:

  • Data Analytics
  • Strategy
  • Network Design and Optimization
  • Sustainability
  • Product Development
  • New Forecasting Models
  • Risk Assessment

No other business school offers the multitude and variety of action-based learning than Michigan Ross.


Supply Chain Consulting Studio Timeline


Students meet with corporate sponsors

November – December

Students bid on projects and engage with corporate sponsors


Kick off projects with corporate sponsor visits

January – February

Lectures, case discussions, and team meetings

Spring Break

Primary data collection, site visit, mid-project on-site presentation

March – April

Lectures, case discussions, and team meetings

Fourth week of April

Final Presentations